The beauty of human communication lies not only in the complexity of the language used but also in the body language, which very often may express much more than words… In some Asian cultures a simple nod is more significant than a thousand words.

I remember my first days in Italy wandering around and trying to find the right street and the right piazza (I didn’t speak much Italian back then). I was observing the people, trying to catch some words, to learn the right intonation for greeting, asking for help or apologising. I was amazed by the amount of unfamiliar gestures used by Italians. No matter if it was a six-year-old playing in the park or a granny trying to figure some new product out in a grocery shop. They all used some hand movements and certain facial expressions I just couldn’t get. It took some time to learn the most common ones.

The other day I saw this blog of an Italian animator and storyboard artist Alfredo Cassano. I found these pictures very funny and really helpful for those who want to learn the basics of Italian body language. However, having an italian friend to show the exact movements and explain the subtleties of each of them is a good idea 🙂

Check this out : Alfredo Cassano Italian gestures