Fairy Tales for Twenty-Somethings

Picture above: John Tenniel illustration for Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland (1865)


It’s so good to have a special friend who with the help of her blog (only in Lithuanian) constantly updates my knowledge on the things that are happening in the world of literature and not only..

Recently she has posted an article about her recent discovery “fairytalesfor20somethings”. I must admit I have never been a particular fan of fairy tales, however these very 2012ish interpretations of famous fairy tale characters, their lifestyles and dilemmas put in one or two sentences have really made me laugh and return back in the world of Alice, Thumbelina, Sleeping Beauty and Peter Pan…

And here are some of my favourite examples:

“It was time to go to bed but cinderella kept reloading her facebook page, hoping one more person would like the link she’d posted to her photography. then another person did,her heart jumped, and she hit reload again.just one more, she thought.”

“Peter Pan was feeling like his constant connection to the Internet and social networking sites was having a bad effect on his psyche, so he decided to disconnect and get back to the things he did pre-Internet, really live his life again. 

That night, he watched TV for five hours straight.” 

“The prince and the pauper unfriended each other on Facebook because neither one could stand the other’s political status updates.”

Find out more about the author of these witty tales in the interview .

Read and enjoy the fairy tales here .