China Becomes Biggest Market for English Learning

China Becomes Biggest Market for English Learning

Everybody is aware of China’s economic and demographic power, however, not everyone knows how hard Chinese people, especially the young ones, push to learn English.
Not only because the new educational system requires everyone to sit a two-day long final exam, 25% of which is English, but also because most of the employers will require some proof (usually TOEFL or IELTS examination) of one’s ability to use English.

Currently richer parents start sending their 2-year-olds to private international kindergartens that are popping up all over the country. In the next few years, with the help of generous government funding, all children will be taught English in kindergarten.

Private English schools are overbooked and overcrowded. The number of students wanting to take international English examinations is soaring, thus making the application process more complicated than the exam itself.

Adults have more difficulty to learn English and still they don’t give up as they know that the future is for the ones who will be able to communicate in English.

English for China is a way to get closer to the Western world, it’s a key to its future success, it’s an opportunity to have a better life and create a better world.

I think that English is becoming more of a tool, a skill that is essential if one wants to be able to learn, work and travel in the world   where everyone plays in the global context and has to solve global problems. China understands that and embraces English!